Yes, these pictures tell the truth, no fast and heavy garage punk-rock in the Ramones or Killer Barbies vein, but hip and smart indie pop. But, charming
and fun indie pop then, not the too pretentious or too hip academical-boring snooze type of indie pop.
This groups first album "Es Que No Hay Manera!" included an absolute POP CLASSIC in the great Al Amanecer, and the music video was guested
by the Brazilian Horror Legend, philosopher, São Paolo politician and mythical undertaker - Zé do Caixão - or Coffin Joe in english.
This song must be heard! Go to Youtube immediately if you haven't heard it and like classic pop

When the band disbanded in 2003, Cristina (fine singer and organist) started Cola Jet Set who plays charming 1960's pop, and another group with
Fresones connections are La Casa Azul with spanish indie of the 1970's bubblegum pop kind, and Enrique y Ana (which could be a film project?) with
a feathery light and a bit ironically hip 60's sound (a bit like a spanish version of the japanese group Pizzicato Five maybe)