Fong Sai Yuk (The Legend of Fong Sai-Yuk, 1992)

UK Dragon Dynasty Blu-ray edition


Jet Li shows great comic timing in this spectacular action comedy when he plays folk hero Fong Sai Yuk and the
film is supposed to take place in southern China, in the Guangdong province.
Unruly youngster Fong Sai Yuk meets the beautiful northern girl Lu Ting Ting (Michelle Reis) without knowing
that she's the daughter of the rich but unpopular northern guy, businessman Tiger Lu (Chen Sung Yung, Funny!).

To be more popular among the locals Tiger Lu arranges a fighting competition where the prize is to become the
husband of his daughter. You only have to win a fight against his cute looking wife Liu Siu Wan (Sibelle Hu),
not too easy though as she's a vicious kung fu fighter.
Great slapstick and really cool looking wire fu fighting ensues when Fong Sai Yuk's mother (GREAT Josephine
Siao/Chao) takes part dressed as a man and beats Tiger's wifey .... who then falls in love with the mysterious
"brother" to Fong Sai Yuk, Tai Yuk. But the happenings turn more sinister when the nasty hitman of the Qing
emperor, arrives to Guangdong to wipe out the opposition, The Red Flower Society.

The Old HK DVD editions

widescreen, cantonese audio DD 2.0 with english subs (or an english dub DTS-HD MA 5.1),
Extras: an audio commentary from the great martial arts expert and chinese speaking Bey Logan, trailer,
Hit Hard and Fly High: Interview with director and legendary fight choreographer Corey Yuen (21 minutes in
cantonese with subs), interview with writer Jeff Lau (13 minutes in english)

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