The Fog (1979 - 1980)

Nordic Universal Blu-ray edition


Mexican subtitles ?

The Fog. This is the one John Carpenter movie that i never saw when it was shown in the cinemas once upon
a time. Why? After super hit Halloween Carpenter was hot here in Sweden and supposedly elsewhere too,
but i've a vague memory of seing a trailer with killers with red lamps as eyes and it looked so corny i skipped
the idea. Well, now 36 years later i gave it a chance after recently been watching The Thing and They Live,
both 2 great films, and i hoped i was wrong about The Fog the first time. Hey! It's John Carpenter isn't it?

So, this film is obviously a ghost story told by an old man to a bunch of children and it goes like this:

In 1880 the whole shipcrew of The Elizabeth Dane was robbed and murdered by the villagers of the then
founded coastal town of Antonio Bay. 100 years later a glowing fog is rolling in from the sea and with it comes
killer seamen with shining red lamps as eyes who starts their centennial revenge on the villagers for 1880.
And that's it. Adrienne Barbeau, a local radio host, screams warnings on the radio from the top of a lighthouse
and Jamie Lee Curtis and her mother Janet Leigh takes refuge in the church where the priest gives back the
stolen gold to the ghostly shipcrew. Bad, Baad, Baaad, Baaaad, BAD. WTF?
Is it John Carpenter's cretinous unknown twin brother that made this film ?

widescreen 2.35:1, english audio 5.1 DTS-HD MA with i.a. english, english or MEXICAN subtitles to choose.
I wonder if anyone can read Mexican? Is that some ancient aztec writing?