Flowers (2013-2014)

US Unearthed Films DVD edition

A low budget indie art horror without spoken dialogue and with a dreamlike quality to the nastiness.
There are lots of Gore and Entrails in this strange film ... and maggots and worms en masse.
Impressively Dark and Unpleasant about 6 females, victims of a serial killer, lost in some sort of a Limbo
in a house of Death, re-experiencing their fates and their hideous demises.

The film starts with a woman breaking out of her bodybag lying under someones house, and she crawls
through bodies and entrails ... yuck ... and when making a passage up into the house through a hole in the
floor she turns into another woman, another victim of the killer.
The nasty house is filled with victims in various stages of decomposition. The fat middle-age ugly guy playing
the killer is scary and ultra-nasty performing unspeakable acts on screen .... and, he's pretty scary also in the
interview in the extras. He will surely be type-casted in the future as a serial killer, if he make more movies

anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1, english audio 2.0 DD stereo, 2 commentary tracks: one with director etc.
Phil Stevens and one with editor, co-producer Ronnie Sortor, scary interview with Bryant W. Lohr (10
minutes) and original audition footage with actress Makaria Tsapatoris, stills gallery


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