Fist of Legend (1994)

UK Dragon Dynasty Blu-ray edition


"We had no computers then, everything you see is for real" - Gordon Chan

One of the best, if not The best, films with Jet Li. A new version of the Bruce Lee classic, the 1972 Fist of Fury
where Jet fights for "real", well, without too many wire effects that is, and he's harder than ever in this film.
The film takes place in the 1930's when Japan occupied big chunks of China and Jet plays the japanese speaking
chinese student Chen Zhen who returns to China after hearing the bad news that his Master has been killed by a
japanese fighter, a certain Akutagawa of the Black Dragon Clan, the chinese section of the Hong Kou arena.

His old martial arts clan, The Jing Wu Men, has fallen in repute during his absence and Chen is determined to
re-animate the status of his kung fu school and to avenge the death of his master.
His "brother", childhood friend and new master of the club, Hou (Chin Siu Ho) smokes opium and frequently
spends his time with a prostitute and has to clean up his act.

Chen's girlfriend, a japanese girl, arrives from Japan to stand by his side and they've to endure a lot of harass-
ment from the chinese locals due to her being japanese, one of the oppressors. Mitsuko is played by the oh so
beautiful actress Shinobu Nakayama. The cruel japanese general Fujita is played by Billy Chau/Chow and the
japanese good guy in this movie, the master Fumio Funakoshi, is played by martial arts legend Yasuaki Kurata.
Shinobu Nakayama ...aaaaaah ... so cute it hurts. I remember seing her many years ago in Gamera: Guardian of
the Universe (1995) and she made some impact also then.
Yuen Woo Ping provided the great looking and/but effectively brutal martial arts choreography

widescreen, cantonese or mandarin audio DD stereo with english subs (or an english dub DTS-HD MA 5.1)
Extras: an audio commentary by the great martial arts expert and chinese speaking Bey Logan, theatrical trailer,
promotional trailer, The man behind the legend: interview with director Gordon Chan (35 minutes in english),
Brothers in arms: interview with Chin Siu-Ho (23 minutes in cantonese with english subs), The Way of the warrior:
interview with japanese action legend Kurata, Yasuaki (30 minutes in japanese with subs), the School of hard
knocks: a visit to the Kurata action school, A Look at Fist of Legend with Brett Ratner and Elvis Mitchell (10 min)


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