The Final Girls (2015)

Nordic Sony Pictures Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2016-12-10

Not at all bloody or violent as normally befitting a slasher, this is a comedy-horror but it's very enjoyable nonetheless.
It has got a smart script and looks great. Meta stuff with a film about a film or, a film within a film maybe.

Amanda (Malin Åkerman, the Swedish-Canadian) is a famous Scream Queen that died in a car accident and she once
played in the 1986 Slasher Camp Bloodbath, the mother of all Campsite slasher films. A fan favourite among the cult
crowd. Three years after her death there will be a Fan showing of the film and Amanda's daughter Max (Taissa Farmiga)
is invited as some sort of "celebrity". Max attends the showing with her friends Gertie, Christopher, Duncan and Vicky.
A fire breaks loose and somehow this quintet find themself being thrown into the actual film, Camp Bloodbath.

They meet the actors in the film, Nancy (Malin Åkerman), Kurt (Adam Devine), Tina and some others and now they
have to survive for the films 92 minutes until the end credits roll. Billy, the slasher maniac will slash them all with the
exception of the Final Girl, the virgin girl that kills the maniac at the end of most/many slasher films.
They will have to follow the rules of the Slasher Film to survive. A fun take on the conventions of the Slasher film genre.

Widescreen 2.40:1, english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 with swedish and english subtitles (and an array of others).
Extras: Cast and crew commentary, deleted, extended an alternate scenes, visual effects progression reel, pre-vis
animation and director's shooting notes in a downloadable PDF

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