Father's Day (2011)

US Troma numbered single disc edition DVD

Yuuuuuuck, this was nasty and disgusting but still enjoyable due to the humour, the black comedy. I like
the light and delightfully whimsical tone of the Canadian maverick film team Astron 6, and they present
some nasty gore effects here (undescribable really). This film is sick, funny and with a great pace to it.
Adam Brooks, Matt Kennedy and Conor Sweeney can be seen in Astron's more slick looking The Editor
from 2014 with etablished genre actors as Udo Kier and Paz De La Huerta.

A human, or not ..., beast called Chris Fuckman rape, kill, dismember and eat fathers on Father's Day
and Ahab (Adam Brooks) has been hunting The Fuckman since his father was murdered 10 years earlier.
Another child of a victim, Andrew (Conor Sweeney) and the catholic church priest Father John (Matthew
Kennedy) are also hunting the rape demon. And soon they join forces to be The Avenging Trio.

Amy Groening as stripper Chelsea, Conor Sweeney as Andrew and Adam Brooks as Ahab

There's a dream scene seemingly inspired by Twin Peaks, depictions of hell, a stripper with a chainsaw,
penis munching and deliria, hey, it's almost like crazyman and Z grade film maker Bill Zebub was involved
writing the script. Astron also gives the film a retro look just like they did in The Editor.
Troma Legend Lloyd Kaufman makes a cameo appearance as God and the Devil, and Lloyd also makes
an introduction to the film.
widescreen, stereo, trailer, 2 deleted scenes .... unrated, for sure.
This film was once released in a 4 disc numbered edition, but this 2012 single disc edition of Father's Day
come with a sticker on the DVD disc as on the sleeve with the No. 9550 - presumably made by Troma in
a 10 000 copy edition ?


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