Fah Talai Jone / Tears of the Black Tiger (2000)

UK Pathé DVD edition

Maybe the Cult movie no. 1 in Thailand, a unique mix of genres and a visual experiment of colors.
Wisit Sasanatieng debuted as director with this film and he was one of the directors among with i.a. Nonzee Nomibutr and Pen-ek
Rattanarueng that kick-started the New Wave of Thai filmmaking

A Thai melodrama love story, a western Leone style action and a homage to old Thai movies with old style songs (and i Love old style
Thai songs, as the one's sung in Pen-ek Rattanarueng's 2001 Monrak Transistor, also a film on my all time Top Ten Thai film list).
A parody or satire and a homage to Old Thai movies and perhaps also to Sergio Leone this for sure makes this film a unique viewing.

The Black Tiger, Dum, is a sharp-shooter and an underling in a criminal gang led by Fai, and his buddy is fellow gangster Mahesuan.
Dum is, and has always been in love with Rumpoey, the girl he met when they're children, and the girl he lost when he didn't show up
for their meeting. Dum, from a poor peasant family and Rumpoey the daughter of the rich Governor.

The old Thai DVD edition (above) presented the film in widescreen and with a thai audio 5.1 but without any english
subtitles and with a short behind the scenes as extra

When a young policeman Kumjorn is transferred from the City out to "the wild west" he falls in love with Rumpoey
and the Governor gives him the hand of his daughter. Kumjorn is determined to stop Fai's brutal gang and a shhot-out
is a-coming.

The UK DVD presents the film in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 and with a thai audio 5.1 DD with english subtitles,
trailer extra, region 2
This edition is the 97 minutes version