Fabricated City (2017)

Hong Kong Deltamac DVD edition

Ha, ha, this 2 hour long movie starts with a CGI orgy of a shoot-out when The Resurrection Team attacks a building led by Captain Kwon.
Very computer game looking with explosions all over, and my thought was .... No, NOOOO, not 2 hours of this, please!
But, don't worry, ha, ha, it's only a computer game, and when the Captain is killed off the game is over and we're in movie reality.
Kwon Yu is the Captain and his virtual teammates (which he hasn't met in real life ... yet) are Demolition, Mr. Hairy, Negative Space and
Young Guru. Lee Kwon-yu (Ji Chang-wook) is a former taekwondo national champion but unemployed and game addicted.

Sitting at a computer café an unknown girl calls him up and begs him to carry her left behind glasses to her home, if he does it he's about to
receive a finders fee. He carries them to the address given, and then, in the next scene - the police raids his apartment and he's accused of a
bestial rape murder of a girl. The murder scene is full of his DNA, his sperm and the knife carries his fingerprints.
Kwon Yu is sentenced to life in a high security prison and the other, rough, inmates turns his life to hell with constant beatings and torture.
He must somehow clear his name, only he (and someone else) knows he's innocent and ...

Well, after some time this crime thriller turns into action sci-fi thriller with the regular Lisbet Salander type of girl computer genius included.
Is it ridiculous, NO! The film does not take itself too serious and Fabricated City was an entertaining watch due to the snappy pace and
overall enthusiasm from everyone involved. Mainstream fun maybe, but sometimes a piece of well made fluffy action is OK. Great Fun.

anamorphic widescreen with a korean audio DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 with english subtitles, and as only extra a trailer


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