The Exclusive: Beat the Devil's Tattoo (Teul-jong: ryang-chen-sal-in-gi/Exclusive: The Ryangchen Murders/
Journalist/Scoop: Liang Chen Murder Record, 2014)

A friend of mine was raving about this film so i had to see it, but it was somewhat obscure and hard to find due
to it's many different titles. Scoop ... ? No, that was a japanese film, so i had to wait until it suddenly appeared
on Netflix in streaming video. And, i liked it a lot with it's typical South Korean blend of different genres.
It starts out as a satirical comedy about media and then turns into a sometimes grim crime drama, and ends with
a lesson about crass economics vs. journalistic truth.
Jo Jeong-seok is fine in the role as a down-on-his luck TV journalist and reporter, short on money and about to
lose his job, and in a small role Lee Mi-sook excels as his boss, General Manager Baek, very charismatic actress

A serial killer is tormenting Seoul and has murdered 7 people. The media whores are excited and fights like hyenas
over the most sensational new crime scene photos. Our "hero" is failed journalist and reporter Heo Moo-hyuk (Jo
Jeong-seok) who's short on money, with a pregnant wife divorcing him and about to lose his job due to writing an
article about corruption connected to his networks sponsors. He's looking for new jobs, unsuccessfully, when
suddenly fate let Lady Luck shine on him. He's getting a tip about the identity of the serial killer, someone has seen
a suspicious behaving neigbour drenched in blood. He B&E's the suspected perps apartment and finds a lot of (in
the movies that is) typical serial killer stuff and his TV station, CNBS News, makes his findings the Top Story.
Suddenly Moo-hyuk is a reporter star with doubled, no tripled, no quadrupled, no .... pay and he's very happy.

Everything he dreamt of, and he struts about hailed by his bosses and his colleagues (see picture above) and maybe
he can win his wife back too. BUT, when he investigates his source and his suspected killer somewhat closer he's
in for a shocker, it's fake. What to do, and he entangles himself even more when he tries to get out of the business
and the police, with detective Oh (Bae Seong-woo), starts to concentrate on his doings and whereabouts.

This film, that met with very good reviews in South Korea and just about everywhere, is director Roh Deok's 2nd
film after her 2013 romantic comedy "Very Ordinary People" and she along with i.a. Shin "Pluto" Su-won must be
considered some of the most interesting new directors in South Korea, female directors of stature.
Watched this film on Netflix in streaming video

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