Evil Rising (Sauna, 2008)

UK Matchbox DVD edition


Very atmospherical Finnish horror by AJ Annila with a great build up but with a disappointing ending. The acting from especially Ville
Virtanen was fine. The year is 1595 and a 25 year long war between Sweden and Russia has just ended. A joint commission of russians
and swedish finns is about to draw the new border lines according to the peace treaty. A group of men with i.a. brothers Eerik (Ville
Virtanen) and Knut (Tommi Eronen) and Semenski (Viktor Klimenko) is struggling to get through the forests and swamps of the Karelian
borderlands. The area is supposed to be empty of people but at the brink of a huge swamp they find a village not marked on any map.

I love the first part of this film, it's very atmospherical and with a unique setting for the story with the 1595 swedish-finnish -russian border
but i didn't get the ending - What the fuck was happening ? That demon creature in the woods ? Hey, it looks good, let's throw it in !
They should learn at film schools of the importance of at least having an idea of the ending before starting to shoot a film.

Presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with finnish-russian audio and with english subtitles, trailer, region 2


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