Escape from Mogadishu (Mogadisyu, 2021)

Jo In-sung and Kim Yoon-suk on the sleeve

Hong Kong Universe 2021 DVD edition


South Korean Blockbuster action drama about Korean embassy staff trying to survive and to find a flight out of the Somalian
capital town of Mogadishu when Civil war breaks out in 1990 and the rebels enter the city. The South Korean and the North
Korean embassy staff finally have to make a joint effort to escape Mogadishu and as so often in South Korean films the Re-Union
theme vibes can be felt. Probably this film is based on real happenings in Mogadishu 1987 - 1990 when Somalian president Barre
regime was toppled by various militia groups.

In the 1980's South Korea was led by a fascistic military junta and not accepted into the UN and in Africa there was a diplomatic
war between South and North Korea. In 1987 South Korean diplomats in Mogadishu were ambassador Han Shin-sung (Kim
Yoon-seok), secretary Gang (Han Chul-woo) and security agent Counselar Kang Dae-jin (Jo In-sung) and the South Korean goal
is to discredit the North, with selling weapons to the rebels, and then somehow get an UN membership.
North and South, ambassador Rim Yong-su (Huh Joon-ho) and ambassador Han, they quibble and plot, plot and quibble, but
there is a Civil War brewing and soon they will have to overcome their mistrust of each other and cooperate to survive.

The 30th of December 1990 the rebel army enters Mogadishu and chaos enfolds with street battles and panic. The airport is closed
and when the North Korean embassy is attacked the Brothers of the North finally, even though the mistrust between them is huge,
have to seek shelter at the South Korean embassy.
The intelligence officers Counselar Kang and his northern counterpart Tae Joon-ki (Koo Kyo-hwan) fights all the time when the
ambassadors Han and Rim understand that they will have to work together to find a way out of Mogadishu.
The film looked great and also all the african actors and extras were just great and made the film look very realistic, Kudos to all.

The film was presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.39:1 with korean audio DD EX or DTS ES with english subtitles. Trailer extra


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