Emanuelle and Francoise (Le Sorelline/Blood Vengeance/Emanuelle e Francoise, 1975)

US Severin 2019 Blu-ray edition


This is a very sleazy 1975 revenge thriller that maestro cinematographer Aristide Massaccesi AKA Joe D'Amato directed, shot and
wrote and produced, but unfortunately there's no Laura Gemser doing her usual Emanuelle part in it this time to excite the viewers.
To be honest i found it to be a bit slow at times and also with some scenes trying to be arty .... and i didn't like that very much.
But it's sleazy to the hilt and there are Joe D'Amato regular George Eastman in it, some bad 1970's disco dancing music and some
J&B whiskey bottles. I had never heard about this obscure D'Amato movie and thanks to Severin for digging it up from the dirt.

In the extras we can see alternate more explicit scenes with i.a. then french porn actress Brigitte Lahaie from some German source
and there's a turnable sleeve also with alternate title Blood Vengeance.
This Italian D'Amato film is a re-make of the obscure Greek exploitation classic "The Wild Pussycat" made in 1968 by Dimi Dadiras
with Gisela Dali as the avenger, and can be found on a blu-ray released by Mondo Macabro.

Francoise (Patrizia Gori) is a nude photo model and when her scummy boyfriend sells her body to men to cover his gaming debts
and then dumps her, Francoise commits suicide. Yes, this Carlo (George Eastman) he's for sure a piece of shit treating her like this,
and in flashbacks all through the film we get to see how he humiliated her. But, will he getaway with this scot free ?

NO he won't. Emanuelle (Rose Marie Lindt) turns up and she wants revenge for her sister, and she seduces the tall guy Carlo,
and everyone that has seen the later 1986 Il Miele del Diavolo/The Devil's Honey (read more about this superior film on Horror
page 1) knows what will happen next.

Severin presents this sleaze drama revenge thriller in an unknown ratio - not stated on sleeve - and with an english or italian DTS-HD
audio with english subtitles, region ALL blu-ray.

Extras: Three Women and a Mirror: Interview with actress Maria Rosaria Riuzzi (14 minutes, 2018 in italian with english subtitles),
The Other Side of the Mirror: Interview with actor George Eastman/Luigi Montefiore (15 minutes, 2018 in italian with english subs,
Alternate scenes with more explicit sex (probably from the German version "Foltergarten der sinnlichheit") and with actresses not
in the regular version, i.a. with legendary Brigitte Lahaie. Other opening credits and other orgy scene (14 minutes), german trailer


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