Eden of the East: The King of Eden (2009)

UK Manga blu-ray edition

Text below written 2017-08-10

The first film made on the television anime series about 12 players forced to take part in a deadly game
and with the future of Japan at the stakes. The Soundtrack from the great Kenji Kawai.

Supposedly this film takes place 6 months after the events in the television series, and it starts off with
a young woman, Saki Morimi, riding a cab in NY, USA, and she's looking for the disappeared
player of the game, the Selecão, Akira Takizawa. Takky, who saved Tokyo from Godzi ... from a
missile attack (seen in the television series).
Now he has lost his memory, or got it erased by request to the one monotoring the game, Juiz (an AI
voice or a real woman?) and drifts the streets of NY. Will Saki find him?
Who's Saki? What is a Noblesse Phone? Who were/are the NEET's? Who's the big busted woman
with blue hair cutting off rapists penises with a cigar cutter and carrying a pair of big black wings?

First when i watched this film i felt disoriented and was sure this film must be a sequel to part 1 as i
understood nothing or little of what was going on. But it was beautifully animated and unusual, so i
continued watching it. Then, in the extras to this blu-ray there's something called Air Communication
and it's a 2 hours 3 minutes long compilation film of the TV series, and it explains things. Watch it first.

How Akira unwillingly was forced to join The Game after receiving the mysterious phone, Noblesse
Oblige, along with 11 other players and only one wins and becomes The Saviour (of Japan) the others

to be killed. 10 billion yen are loaded into the players phones and you've to use it wisely.
Takky used some of his money to found the internet search engine "Eden of the East", with one of it's
employees being young Saki Morimi. A strange but quite fascinating anime film this one.

anamorphic widescreen, japanese audio dolby true HD multi channel (or english dub)
Extras. The compilation film of the TV series - Air Communiucation, movie 1 news flash, movie 1
preview, TV spots and trailers.
Note. The backside of this blu-ray edition says it's a region 2 DVD ?? But it's a blu-ray alright