Dressed to Kill (1980)

US MGM unrated DVD edition


The Psychiatrist (played by Michael Caine) has a patient (Angie Dickinson) that's is attacked in an elevator by a blonde with a razor.
The murder scenes are visual fireworks and the whole film really is an example of visual style. De Palma was hated on by most critics
then and accused of being a mediocre plagiator of Hitchcock and his visual style was just bad taste etc. etc. Zzzzzzz snore.
Stuck-up film critics Go FY, you were wrong and the film lovers were right. Yes, it's true by then when De Palma made his most
inspired crime and thriller movies the film critics considered him a trash B movie maker.
Luckily newer generations of film critics has a different view on the unique films De Palma made then, between 1972 - 1984 all of them
filled to the brim of the inspired De Palma style, sometimes with an innovative and personal homage to the films of Alfred Hitchcock.

De Palma's films between 1972 and 1984 were all truly original thrillers, crime movies and horrors exploding onto the scene with visual
style where the camera itself is running amuck in exciting unabashedly prolonged slow motion scenes, split screens and dolly shots.
His gangster Masterpiece would surely be his 1983 "Scarface", the most influental gangstermovie world wide of all time, but up until
after the 1984 "Body Double" De Palma was a great and unique director, however .... then he went mainstream with The Untouchables
and only made Crap from then on (OK, some say 1992 "Raising Cain" should be like the old De Palma, but i haven't seen it yet).

Another director that had his own style was Canadian David Cronenberg, obsessed with the Body Horror, not with the camera running
amuck like De Palma but with bodily functions running amuck. He was also one of my big favourites and he also made unique films,
horrors taking place in cold grey bleak looking northern settings, and he also had an inspired period at appr. the same time as De Palma,
from the 1975 Shivvers up until 1986 or 1988 (depending if you like Dead Ringers or not, is it too arty and pretentious perhaps ?)

Anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, english audio 5.1 with The Making of a Thriller: Interviews with Brian De Palma, Angie Dickinson, Nancy
Allen, Dennis Franz et al. (43 minutes), an Unrated version option with razor gore and a muff shot, Three featurettes: A film comparison
between the Uncut, the R rated and the Network version, Slashing Dressed to Kill: about the censor cuts, an appreciation by Keith
Gordon, original trailer, picture gallery and an info sheet