Double Indemnity (Kvinna utan samvete, 1944)

US Universal 2 disc special edition

Text below written 2020-03-05

One of the most iconic of all Film Noir pictures ever made if not The One that kickstarted the whole genre, the one that defined the rules
of the films to come - the Femme Fatale, The snappy dialogue, the snared male looser anti-hero and the plot with an older husband with
too much money for his young sexy wife to sleep peacefully - show your legs and snare The Sucker.

The actors are great and Barbara Stanwyck became Phyllis Dietrichson, the woman without a conscience for the rest of her life. THE Femme
fatale of the Film Noir genre. Gangly Fred MacMurray played geniusly against type (he normally acted in feel good movies, family enter-
tainment and such) and outdid himself many times in the role of his life as The Sucker. Edward G. Robinson is just perfect as always.

The Sucker is snared

Genius director Billy Wilder wrote the script along with Raymond Chandler after a James M. Cain novel, and the dialogue is hurled at you
like the rapid fire from a machine-gun, snap, snappy, snappier. The cinematography is exquisite and the Wilder direction masterful, the
director who made cinema magic with Some Like it Hot and with his ultimate masterpiece, Sunset Boulevard.

The film on this DVD is presented in 4:3 fullscreen original ratio, black & white and with 2 audio commentary tracks, one with film experts
Leem Dobbs and Nich Redman and one with the infamous Richard Schickel - the man guilty of maybe the worst audio commentary ever in
the history of DVD and/or Blu-ray extras when he destroyed the commentary to Gene Tierney's 1945 Leave Her to Heaven.
(Read more about this assault in my Leave Her to Heaven text, a couple of rows above this film on my Film Noir page).
The extras further includes an introduction, an original trailer, the documentary "Shadows of Suspense" (37 minutes) and on disc 2 the
1973 version of Double Indemnity


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