Double Exposure (1982)

US Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray and DVD combo edition

A really obscure US indie slasher-thriller from the early 1980's and it starts out pretty bad with some annoying dialogue and with
almost a B-ish TV film feeling. But, after the first 20 minutes this change with the unexpected swimmingpool scene, where our "hero"
Adrian suddenly kills one of his models .... or dream that he does anyway. After this and with Adrian behaving more stressed due
to his nasty violent dreams the film starts to get exciting. Well, for a genre film lover that is ... and Double Exposure starts looking
as a Giallo, and that can't be anything else than good. The story gets interesting and the actors acting gets better.. especially Michael
Callan in the main role and James Stacy as his crippled brother.

The film starts with a hooker, or actually a cop in drag, getting killed on Sunset Blvd. in LA, a serial killer plagues the city. Adrian Wilde
(Michael Callan) is a photographer of nude or semi-nude women for magazines and commercials and lives in a house-van. His brother
BJ (James Stacy) is a stunt driver with only one arm and one leg (and no, as this was well before CGI, this was for real as talented actor
Stacy lost these in a traffic accident when his bike was hit by a car and his girlfriend died).

Adrian dates beautiful blonde Mindy (Joanna Pettet) and frequently visits his shrink when his bad dreams gets worse. After dreaming
about murdering his models the models do actually turn up dead in the same way he has dreamt. Is Adrian the killer?
widescreen 2.35:1 with a DTS-HD MA mono audio and subs. Extras:
Commentary track with director William Byron Hillman, Isolated score by composer Jack Goga, Exposing Double Exposure: Interview
with cinematographer R. Michael Stringer (29 minutes), Staying on Task: Interview with script supervisor SallyStringer (19 minutes),
Original theatrical trailer, promotional stills gallery and a reversible sleeve


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