D.O.A. (1950)

Youtube presents .... Dead On Arrival

Youtube streaming, black & white, fullscreen 4:3

The film starts with a Bang! Accountant Frank Bigelow (Edmond O'Brien) stumbles into a San Francisco police precinct
to confess to having committed a murder, the murder of himself. He has been poisoned and will soon die, but first and
for our viewing entertainment, we get a Flashback where he tells the crime cops and us, his unfortunate story.

Frank's story:

He had an accounting business in Palm Springs, California, and a love affair with his faithful secretary Paula (Pamela
Britton), on and off that is because Frank didn't want to committ himself to a serious relation yet. Frank went to San
Francisco on a weekend with the hope of perhaps meeting some attractive lady, goes to his hotel and with some other
guests he visited a nightclub where he drank from a glass that a Mr. X had substituted, and he was poisoned.
Visiting a doctor he received the depressing diagnose "You've been murdered" and that he would die shortly.

Who did it and why?

Frank started to investigate on his own and found a trace to a Mr. Phillips who had called his office just before he went
on his weekend in San Francisco. An accountant handles a lot of information and possibly he had touched something
very secret and deadly without him knowing about it. Did Frank found his killer?

This classic crime thriller has a very simple plot but it's snappy with a remendous pace and a very entertaining watch.
A re-make with Dennis Quaid was made in 1988 which i haven't seen. Neville Brand plays a cool underling, Chester.
The film was in 4:3 fullscreen black & white and in fine quality streaming video on Youtube. Thanks Youtube!


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