The Divine Move (2014)

US Korean KD Media edition DVD

A fun and violent crime-action with lots of fighting and killings when the South Korean mob clashes with a gang of
small grifters and the with the board-games of Go as the battleground. I had no idea this board-game (rarely played
here in Europe i think) generated such amounts of money for the betting crime syndicates in South Korea.
This is at times an often bloody and violent movie but the peaceful and complex game of Go has the main part.
As usual, when South Korea delivers a new crime movie it's nicely done and very enjoyable, they really know how
to make this type of genre films. It's nothing extra though as it's strictly mainstream entertainment, but still Good.

The film starts with the Go expert player Song Tae-seok and his brother trying to heist/cheat a maffia gangster in a
fixed game, but the sham is exposed and the brother is killed as punishment. Song is brutally beaten up and for some
reason goes to jail for a couple of years (i wasn't alert here). In jail, he learns to fight and get Go advices from his
cell neighbour, some mystic Go master (?) and Song prepares a Big Time Revenge against his brothers killer, Oh.

Out of jail he creates a Heist Team with the blind and drunken ex-Go master Drinking Christ (Ahn Sung-ki), the
one-armed Carpenter and the old buddy to his brother, Cheater. The Target: His brothers killer and the boss of the
betting syndicate Mr. Oh (with the alias Killer, hmm i wonder why) and his organization. Time for revenge.
With the Mr. Oh gang there's his girlfriend and ex-Go world champion Navel (Lee Si-young) and a kidnapped little
chinese girl who's a Go genius.
In all games there's massive cheating with hidden cameras and earplugs with game course directions from a Go pro
so the betting players is doomed to loose against "the house", the syndicate.
The films divided into different sections with titles from the world of Go, as "Weak group: endangered stones chased
by the opponent". So, this film was good entertainment of the mainstream type and a decent Hit in South Korea in
2014 with 3,5 billion sold tickets. anamorphic wide 2.35:1, korean 5.1 with english subs, no extras

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