Diabolically Yours (Diaboliquement votre, 1967)

US Kino Lorber Studio Canal Blu-Ray edition - Region A


Entertaining Amnesia Crime Thriller with Alain Delon and Senta Berger, and I just watched her in the excellent giallo "Puzzle", she
was good there too and also that film was an Amnesia crime mystery, read more about "Puzzle" on my Giallo and Eurocrime pages.
Delon has always been a favourite of mine with his minimalistic style of acting, in films like Le Samourai, Le Cercle Rouge and The
Sicilian Clan, but Senta Berger was a surprise for me, a fine actress and ridiculously gorgeous. I will've to look up more of her films.

A man wakes up in a private hospital and suffering from amnesia. He's told he has been in a car crash when driving drunk and that
his name is George Campo (Delon) and he's visited by a beautiful woman, his wife Christina (Berger). He can't remember her or that
he's married but supposedly he's a rich businessman and owner of a construction company, recently returning from Hong Kong.

George and Christina lives in a huge country mansion with the "unusual" butler Kim (Peter Mosbacher, and he's delightfully
strange in the role) who seems to have a sexual kink with his mistress. Also, there's their best friend Freddie (Sergio Fantoni) a man
that George remember faintly, but who's Pierre Lagrange, what about the memory fragments of Hong Kong and why won't his
beautiful wife Christina have sex with him ?
George gets more and more suspicious of being involved with something sinister.

Netflix has added this and many other Eurocrime and gialli films to their catalogue and that's fine even though i don't have a
subscription. I love Euro movies from the Golden Era, the 1960's and 1970's.

Kino Lorber presents the film in a 1.66:1 ratio and with a french audio with english subtitles. US edition Region A
Extras an audio commentary by duo Howard S. Berger and Nathanile Thompson AKA The Two Bores, theatrical trailer


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