The Devil's Wedding Night (Il Plenilunio delle Vergine / Full Moon of the Virgins / Countess Dracula, 1973)

US Code Red 2021 Bluray edition, region all


For once US Code Red disappoints with a release. The print is badly damaged and there should be an explanation at the beginning of
why the film often looks like shit, but .... not a word and that's bad. But, OK, even if this film would've been released in a pristine print
that wouldn't have helped much besides watching Rosalba Neri in the nude all that
better naturally.
Why, because this film sucks. Batzella directed this film using his alias Paul Solvay and he also directed the crappy sleaze bomb "Nude
for Satan" in 1974, and also Rosalba Neri used an alias here, Sara Bay.

Mark Damon is awful in a double role as twin brothers. He's Carl Schiller, an archaeologist and he and his stupid brother Franz finds
out that, for some strange reason, the magic ring of the Nibelungen is to be found in a castle in Transylvanian Carpatians, a castle that
once belonged to Count Dracula but now is owned by the attractive Countess De Vries (Neri).

Franz Schiller hurries to the castle, before his brother, knocks on the door and is let in by the strange maid Lara (Esmeralda Barros) and
then waits all day for someone to turn up. Finally at night the countess appears and soon they've Sex, and then Carl arrives too.
The Night of the Virgin Moon is approaching, something that occur only once every 50th year and then 5 virgins will be called to the
castle (for Countess Dracula's blood orgies). Will Carl ruin the rituals of the countess and save his dumb brother (and the 30 year old
looking village virgins) ?

Film presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with an english mono audio, region all bluray, trailers for other trashy films


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