The Devil's Honey (Il Miele del Diavolo/Dangerous Obsession, 1986)

US Severin 2017 Blu-ray edition

This must surely be one of the great Lucio Fulci's most odd films. Erotic drama thriller .... bah! What's so unusual about that you may think, that
was a staple type of film in the 1980's, the often awful erotic thriller. Yes, the erotic thriller or dramas of the 1980's are mostly unwatchable today
with it's lame softcore sex and annoying actors, BUT .... NOT SO with Fulci as he makes a uniquely weird and very stylish entry to the genre.

Yes, this film could maybe be described as an inept film with bad acting and bad dialogue, BUT, but there's always a but with maestro Lucio Fulci
as he also makes this film to be a very unusual, actually captivating and a weirdly stylish watch, and with the almost insanely beautiful Spanish
actress Blanca Marsillach
giving a very special and unique performance, most often in the nude and looking both angelic and scary.

Blanca Marsillach, the 1966 Barcelona born actress being the sister of Christina Marsillach (from Argento's Opera) and unfortunately she's trash
talked here in the extras. We're told that she was very troublesome and unliked by everyone during the filming and even that one of the films producers
left her at the airport and punched her in the face. What a disgusting despicable PIG and if that's true he should've been sent to jail to rot.
It's a fact that Blanca Marsillach makes this film, she IS the film and she gives a unique performance, and she should've been credited with this fact,
and i'm pretty sure this Spanish goddess since then have had a fine acting career in film and/or theatre. My God she was beautiful, like a mix of Eva
Green and Isabelle Adjani and i don't give a shit if she was troublesome during the shoot as long as she delivered and gave this brave performance

Jessica (Marsillach) and saxophone player Johnny (Stefano Madia) are lovers and the film starts with an unhinged saxophone playing sex scene
too weird to be described. A young beautiful couple that enjoys life and having a lot of healthy sex, but ....

Surgeon Simpson (Brett Halsey) visits prostitutes and has marital problems with his wife (Corinne Cléry) and when Johnny is having an operation,
after a motorcycle accident, nervous wreck Dr. Simpson bungles the operation and Johnny dies. Jessica is heartbroken and starts to harass and stalk
the doctor "Why did you let him die"? Then she kidnaps him and keeps him on a leash, like a dog, and a strange S&M relationship evolves with
many scenes actually being strangely erotic. Lucio Fulci was a talented director that handled many genres without any problems and obviously he
could have been a successful sex film director too, easily outdoing Tinto Brass in this field, if he really had wanted to.

The fine Blu-ray presents the film in anamorphic widescreen and with a LPCM stereo english or italian audio with english subtitles, region ALL

1. The Devil's Halsey: Interview with Brett Halsey about his B movie career (17 minutes in english, 2017) - Brett: Blanca Marsillach was a bad actress
and a troublemaker - .... OK? But she outshines you regarding acting, that's one thing that's for sure, and what does that make you? A ham actor ?

2. Wild Flower: Interview with Corinne Cléry (in italian with subtitles, 12 minutes) 3. Producing Honey: Interview with producer Vincenzo Salviani
(in italian with subtitles, 13 minutes) 4. The Devil's Sax: Interview with composer Claudio Natili (in italian with subtitles, 9 minutes)
5. Stephen Thrower on The Devil's Honey (21 minutes), Audio essay by Trey Howarth on Fulsi films (17 minutes, 2017) trailer, alternate opening


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