The Devil's Candy (2015)

US Scream Factory 2017 Blu-ray edition

Finally, we waited and waited and the years went by, we heard from hailed aussie director Sean Byrne again. The man who gave us the
outstanding The Loved Ones in 2009, one of the best genre films this millennia. This his sophomore feature film was made in the US in
2015, six long years since his festival favorite. The Devil's Candy is not as sensationally good or as interesting as The Loved Ones, but
is still a good horror film in it's more conventional mix of psycho horror and haunted house.
So, it took 6 years for Tasmanian Byrne to make The (Tasmanian) Devil's Candy, and for some reason 2 more years for it to show up on
a Blu-ray and DVD release.

Pruitt Taylor Vince give a disturbing performance as mental case Ray. Big, bald, fat dressed in a dirty sweat-suit and like an evil force of
nature. A good intense psycho-horror with fine acting and i like the nice relation between father and daughter in the film.

Turnable sleeve

Texas, USA - Intro: A bald fat man lives with his parents in a house in the country. He furiously hammers his electric guitar to drown the
evil voices in his head, and then he kills his mother pushing her down the stairs. He's Ray.

Today, same place: Jesse (Ethan Embry) is a known artist and moves into the house with his nice wife Astrid (Shiri Appleby) and his nice
daughter Zooey (Kiara Glasco) and he will use the barn as his studio. Everything's nice, until Ray appear at their door, begging them:
"I need to come home now. This is Mommy and Daddy's house".

Presented in anamorphic widescreen 2.40:1 ratio with english audio DTS-HD MA 5.1 or 2.0 stereo with english subs. REGION A.
Extras: an audio commentary by director Sean Byrne, a behind the scenes of visual effects featurette, music video, art gallery, theatrical
trailer and Advantage Satan (short film from 2007, 11 minutes .... not very good though)

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