Detective Anna TV Series (Anna, The Detective, 2016-2017 Season 1)

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A very popular Detective Murder Mystery TV series seen i.a. on Youtube in HQ and with english subtitles (how cool isn't that?)
and with a lot of episodes. A season 2 has been made too and a season 3 is probably on it's way too.
I've seen only the first 12 episodes and i was quite entertained even though it could be just a little bit boring if you binge watched
due to the many episodes sometimes were a bit too alike.
Feliks Gerchikov and a plethora of others directed the episodes of the first season.

This russian TV series (and the russians seems to be the new masters of making entertaining TV series) is about the likeable young
village or provincial town girl Anna Viktorovna Mironova (played by the beautiful Aleksandra Nikiforova) living in Zatonsk in 1888
She's a normal young woman around 20 who lives with her parents in a big villa, with the exception of having frequent visions of
dead people and crimes being committed. Yes, just like writer Nikolaj Gogol in the very entertaining TV movies Gogol The Viy Trilogy
(read more about these three movies on my Russian Film Page).

Episode One: The Case of the Drowned Women

In the first episode of the first season her spiritist uncle Piotr Mironov (Boris Khvoshnyanskiy) is visiting from Paris, and he's a
bit unconventional (in stark contrast to Anna's bourgeois parents) and he encourages her ESP gifts and takes Anna to a séance,
whereas her parents don't want her to dabble with ESP or to explore her own psychic abilities. The drowned woman from her dream
pops up during the séance, and at the same time a St. Petersburg detective arrives to Zatonsk, Yakov Shtolman (Dmitry Frid).
He's punished by being transferred to the small provincial town.

Shtolman then starts investigating the murder mysteries of Zatonsk with the help of his assistant Anton Korobeynikov (a great
Sergey Druzyak) and with the ESP help from Anna Mironova. With all the episodes and all countless murders Zatonsk probably
would have the highest murder rate in the world, a hell on earth.
What's best with this series then ? I loved the visuals and the small town of Zatonsk (probably built from scratch as a set) look
great, the clothes look great and you never get tired of gaping at the beauty of Aleksandra Nikiforova. The actors were fine too,
Dmitry Frid, Boris K... and Anton Korobeynikov, but the romance between Anna and the much to old Shtolman was a bit cringy.

I think the first season consists of 28 double episodes, making 56 in total ? and some episodes are better than others.
But please be aware of that this TV series is family entertainment and without nudity and gore (as the Gogol Viy Trilogy movies
were filled to the brim with).


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