Der Samurai (2014)

US Artsploitation Films Blu-ray edition

Klaus Kinski in a dress ? No, maybe not but almost when a wolf-like transvestite killer dressed in a white dress
haunts a German village with his samurai sword, and in some way connects with a young cop.
This interestingly odd German art-horror indie drama plays out a bit like a fairy tale. The policeman Jakob (Michel
Diercks) feeds a wolf that lurks at the outskirts of the village with meat to keep it from hurting anyone.
One day Jakob gets a parcel sent to the police station with Lone Wolf as the addressee and he receives a phonecall
telling him to deliver it to a certain address. He meets a strange person there, a snarling (yeah, surprise .... wolf-like)
transvestite (Pit Bukowski) dressed in a white dress and the parcel contains a samurai sword.

The man looks almost like a demon and goes on a rampage in the village, vandalizing and then also killing. Jakob hunts
him through the night and follows his trail of destruction. Jakob is a bit of a Lone Wolf guy and there's some sort of
connection between him and the Wolf .... and the Killer acts like there's a connection too.
Will Jakob catch the wolfman before a bloodbath happens in the village ? Has Jakob summoned the madman ?

A very unusual indie horror and maybe a sort of werewolf movie, but with a nice fairytale quality to it. Low budget
for sure but it looks fine. The strange scene with the dance at the fire was delightfully strange and stylized.
widescreen 1.85:1, DTS-HD MA 5.1 german audio with english subtitles. Extras: a commentary with director Till
Kleinert and producer Linus De Paoli in english, Behind the scenes featurette 10 minutes with english subs, some
trailers for other Artsploitation films, Region Free blu-ray

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