Les Démons / The Demons (Les Démons du Sexe/Os Demonios/Die Nonnen von Clichy, 1972)

US Kino Lorber - Redemption Blu-ray edition


You most always feel deeply cheated and unsatisfied after watching a Jess Franco film. "How could i be lured into watching yet another
of these awful films?" - you ask yourself. Why, WHY do i buy and watch another Jess Franco film ?
Maybe it's due to The Strange allure of Jess movies or if you're a Fur fan, to the plentitude of happy female bushes, i don't know ?

This trashy effort from Jess, yes, another one ..., is a mix of Nunsploitation and Witch-hunt horror and features the famous Witchfinder
General Judge Jeffreys who plagued England during the 17th century and the English inquisition. This the 2nd film from Franco about
the Lord Chancellor, Judge Jeffreys and his first was the much superior, the 1969 The Bloody Judge (El Processo de las Brujas etc. etc.
many titles to this film) with Cristopher Lee in the main role, and The Bloody Judge i consider to be one of Jess 2 or 3 best films.
The Bloody Judge was both intense and atmospheric - which this film is NOT, No, no-no, noooooo.
On the other side, for all perverts out there, this film has lots of masturbating nuns, nuns performing lesbian sex and nuns getting
whipped for their troubles. Jeff's famous muff-zoom goes wild so all lovers of happy female bushes will have a good time.

This film is supposedly taking place in 17th century England but Jess filmed it in Portugal and don't seem to bother much about the
fact that the arid Portuguese landscape absolutely can't be mistaken for any part of England. In another one of Jess films taking place
in England orange trees could be seen and lots of Spanish mountain desert terrain. Well, we're only in it for the Nuns anyway, he thought.

The film starts with the burning of an old woman accused of being a witch, and at the stake the woman does what ? What every woman
burned at the stake does in a genre horror film - she curses her tormentors, The inquisitor Jeffreys (John Gaffari), Lady De Winter and
her lover, the soldier Renfield - "My daughters will avenge me".
Her daughters has been taken in by nuns as orphans, Sister Kathleen (Anne Libert) and Sister Margaret (Britt Nichols) and worried
about the curse the cruel and sadistic Lady De Winter starts a search for the children of the witch.

This manic deliria was written by Jess under his alias David Kumel and directed under one of his more known aliases Clifford Brown.
Clifford Brown, the jazz musician, the trumpeter playing with i.a. Sarah Vaughan just proofs that Jess Franco was a huge jazz lover.

Sister Kathleen has sinful thoughts and masturbates a lot, Lady de Winter likes to watch the torture sessions with her lover and Margaret
seduces the chief nun (Karin Field) in the only actually HOT scene of the film (hmmm, or is it just me, i seem to like lesbian softcore sex).
Absolute trash from Jess .... again. Surprise.
widescreen 2.35:1 with french audio and english subtitles LPCM stereo. Extras:
Jess Demons: Interview with Jesús Franco (english with subs 16 min, 2014), Deleted footage (snippets for a trailer without sound, 10 min)
Jess Franco trailers. This is a Region A edition


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