Demon Seed (1977)

Spanish Blu-ray edition

Yes, a very unusual Sci-Fi Horror in the always interesting Revolting Computer genre. My favourite Computer running Amok film
still is the obscure 1969 Colossus: The Forbin Project directed by Joseph Sargent (read more about this gem of a film on my Cult and
Classics Page 1). Other enjoyable films in this genre are 1983 "War Games" and the ridiculous 1984 sci-fi romance "Electric Dreams".

Demon Seed is trashy and great at the same time. It has the great actress Julie Christie being raped by a horny home invading computer
- Proteus. It's like the amalgamation of a 1970's arty movie and a 1950's trashy sci-fi movie and it's based on a novel by bestseller author
Dean R. Koontz. Just like 1969 Colossus it's interesting to see how they thought computer science and artificial intelligence would look
like and be used in the close future.
The Fear of the Super Computer - in both films a fearful Super Computer is created, in the earlier film "Colossus" and here "Proteus".
In this film Susan lives in a wholly computerized house with cameras everywhere.

1969 Colossus - a Very recommended viewing

In the close future The Icon Institute for data analysis installs the final module to their Artificial Intelligence System - Proteus IV.
Proteus - a new "breed" of super computer. A quasi-neural matrix of synthetic molecules with organic components, brain cells.

A scientist computer expert couple, Alex (Fritz Weaver) and Susan Harris (Julie Christie) works for ICON and lives in a totally
computerized house where Alex has experimented on a robot arm. When the couple has a quarrel Alex decides to leave the house
and he leaves Susan alone with Alfred - the house computer and it's digital voice as her companion.
Proteus, the arrogant super computer, connects itself to the Harris house AI, and starts to command Alfred and the robot arm.
The House Computer has a new master and with Susan helpless and locked into the house the sleazy super computer has a plan,
to somehow impregnate Susan and create a new breed of digital-organic human.

Demon Seed is a very unusual film, bizarre and cool and with some great special effects long before CGI was possible, as when
Proteus creates a strange form-changing metal object in the cellar .... maybe done with stop motion effect.
Gerrit Graham plays a scientist colleague of Susan and he is best known for, of course, the role of Beef in Brian De Palma's
Horror Musical classic, the 1974 Phantom of the Paradise.

The Blu-ray presents the film in 2.40:1 anamorphic widescreen ratio and with an English DTS-HD 2.0 audio with English subtitles,
trailer, region ALL


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