Demented (1980)

US Shout! Factory Blu-ray edition

Text below written 2018-08-10

Rape revenge horror thriller where beautiful Linda Rodgers (Sallee Young as Sallee Elyse) is brutally gang-raped
and put in a sanatorium for years to overcome the trauma. The criminals are obviously prisoned and we don't see
more of them in the movie. Linda's husband Matt, played by legendary pornstar Harry Reems under pseudonym
Bruce Gilchrist - and maybe a warning sign how good this film was gonna be, takes her home.
Matt is a doctor, a surgeon at the local hospital, and works a lot which means leaving Linda on her own, actually
he bangs his mistress when claiming he's working overtime.

Soon Linda starts falling apart when she says she's attacked by a gang of teenage boys who's entered her house.
Linda snaps and there's some gore when she grabs the meat-cleaver. The nasty little horny boys out after the
busty lonely woman are in for a surprise, a really nasty one, their last one also.

Actress Sallee Young is a beautiful woman with a remarkable figure but sadly can't act that well. She has an annoying
grating voice that gets on your nerves, but, to be honest she's a bit scary at the end of the movie when she's flipping
out. So, this film is a bottom of the barrel horror but it's from the early 1980's and i can watch almost any horror
made during that period in time and have some fun out of it.
Yes, i know it sounds crass but as many other write on IMDB at least her boobs are spectacular.
Harry Reems is easily the best actor in this film by the way, and that says something about the other people in this film.

widescreen 1.85:1, english audio DTS-HD MA mono with english subtitles, only a trailer as extra
This is a Region A release, so you better have a region ABC compatible blu-ray player to see this US edition

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