Death Wish (1974)

US Paramount Blu-Ray edition

Charles Bronson or Charles Dennis Buchinsky (1921-2003) was the most popular film actor in the world in the 1970's. He was already HUGE and
everyone loved him as he just dominated every scene by just standing there, by being in the film frame. He had an unique Presence for sure.
With "Death Wish" in 1974 he became even bigger if that could be possible. Everyone watched it all over the world and this film and the sequels
were probably the one's that he forever will be mostly known for. OK, for some his role as Harmonica in Sergio Leone's "Once Upon a Time in
the West" would be the most memorable one.

His most famous film, and perhaps infamous too. I remember watching it in the cinema, everyone saw it, and i think it was cut by the Swedish
film sensors. In Sweden the film was considered "fascistic" back then as criminals were seen as almost holy, poor victims of a bad upbringing.
But there were almost no crime in Sweden back then. Today, with crime exploding and with No Go zones in every major city, Charles Bronson
maybe even would be welcomed. I don't think there have ever been any Vigilante killings in Sweden ? Only the criminals have guns.

So, it was time for watching this film again some 45 years later (yeah, i'm an old dude i know, but you will be too).

Death Wish (1974) Direction and co-production: Michael Winner : Paul Kersey (Bronson) is a New York mild-mannered architect, a liberal and
a conchie, conscientious objector, during the Korean war. Three disgusting drooling mugger rapists (one of them being Jeff Goldblum in his
first role) follow his wife Joanna and daughter Carol from the supermarket, enters the apartment and rapes Carol and kills Joanna. Paul starts
walking the NY streets at night, and .... he kills muggers. That's it, and audiences all over the world just LOVED it.
He's our substitute, he's full of anger and through him we the audience canalize our anger. Our inner avenger or fascist bad guy ? I don't know.

After watching "Death Wish" with fresh eyes in January 2021 i thought it to be a well made Crime Drama with gloomy wintry NY images adding
to the atmosphere, and we get to see how Paul changes from feeling bad, throwing up, after killing his first robber to being hardened to stone.
The widescreen ratio is not stated on the sleeve, english DTS-HD MA mono audio with english subtitles, only a trailer as extra, Region A ?