Zhmurki (Dead Man's Bluff, 2005)

US DVD edition

Extremely violent and black crime action and social satire where Aleksei "Brat" Balabanov continues his dissection of
gangsterism during the 1990's Wild West capitalism plundering of Russia. A Russia in chaos and with a weak leader
and an easy pray for the western powers and their Deep State to plunder with the help of the Oligarch's and crime
lords. Russia had much to much natural riches not to be exploited and if not new leaders had turned up the country
would have been left as a carcass gnawed to the bone.

Russian Tourism agencys won't like this film though as few will spend their vacation in Russia after watching this
film, and the guys roaming the streets in Zhmurki are really SCARY. But it's just a film and a black comedy also and
Russia surely is another country today than in the 90's, and i for sure would like to travel to Russia, whenever and
IF the bloody Corona virus is gone and people on earth can start to live again.

The film seemed to be somewhat inspired by the films of Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino, ironic crime action
perhaps, but with the distinction that the lowlifes we get to know in this film are 10 times worse than e.g. Samuel
L Jackson or John Travolta were, and also without any personal charm whatsoever (as i could detect anyway).
So, a warning for sensitive viewers as there are gruesome scenes of murder and torture with laughs often stuck
in your throat. Everyone in the film are absolute scum and armed to get rich, anyhow and as fast as possible.

The two anti-heroes of our film, brothers Simon and Sergey are the worst of the bunch, with the exception of
their boss maybe who's a demon of evil and played charismatically by Nikita Michalkov. He's EVIL beyond
words and he seems to have a really good time, and .... YES, This is a Comedy. Maybe a nihilistic action crime
comedy and pitch-black but still a comedy. However, it can be too much for many and I had a hard time watching
it too. Zhmurki is the least favourite film of Aleksey Balabanov i've watched yet, but i have to see it again and

maybe i will enjoy it more with a second watching.

The US DVD presented the film in anamorphic widescreen with 2.0 russian audio with english subtitles, extra
a trailer and a still pictures gallery


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