Deadly Manor (Savage Lust, 1989)

US Arrow Video Blu-ray edition - region all


Very low-budgeted Slasher from the old Spanish genre director José Ramón Larraz, and with crappy, but probably
cheap actors, and with many dull murders often taking place out of camera due to budget reasons perhaps.
Not as good as his 1988
"Edge of the Axe (Al filo del hacha)" but with a decent ending it was pretty enjoyable.
This was the legendary spaniard Larraz last film.

Six idiotic youths aged between 25 and 30 are on their way to their weekend resort at lake Wapakonoke for some
canoeing, and on their way they pick up a hitch-hiker (a criminal on the run from jail). But, it starts getting dark and
they have to seek refuge somewhere. So, instead of driving on and make it a night ride to their location, or continue
to a city, they go off deep into the woods (obviously with no tents or something like that) where they find a huge
old and creepy looking mansion. They briskly continue with some breaking in and after having snooped around
in the house they settle for the night.

Above: Reversible sleeve

These annoying youngsters doesn't care when they find a collection of bodyparts, two coffins in the cellar and
when someone saw a person closing a window upstairs or when one of them has disappeared.
Who's the beautiful woman seen in hundreds of photographs on the wall, and is there someone upstairs ?
When they start to die and disappear they should start worrying about getting their asses out of there, follow the
road back to the main road or to hide in the woods, you would think, but no, NO. We better stay here.

The blu-ray is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 with mono english audio and with english subtitles, region all.
Extras: Audio commentary with Kat Ellinger and Samm Deighan, Interview with actress Jennifer Delora (32 minutes),
Interview with producer Brian Smedley Aston (7 minutes), short archival interview with José Ramón Larraz (mid-
nineties in spanglish), Savage Lust VHS trailer, Original promo, Image gallery


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