US Blue Underground unrated 2 disc DVD edition

Disc 1 - Daughters of Darkness (La Rouge aux Lévres / The Promise of Red Lips / Erzebeth / Blut an den Lippen), 1971:

A very fine and highly regarded by critics stylish Vampyre Art Horror made in Belgium where a newly wed couple, Stefan (John Karlen)
and Valerie (Danielle Ouimet) checks in into an empty off-season beach resort hotel in Oostende in winter.
Soon afterwards the Hungarian Countess Elizabeth Bathory, played by the legendary art movie actress Delphine Seyrig, arrives to the
same hotel with her lesbian lover Ilona (Andrea Rau) and meantime young Belgian women are found murdered and ... naturally emptied
of their blood, what else with a hotel guest named Elizabeth Bathory. Sounds like a real easy case for the investigating police.

Soon enough the young married couple is drawn into the destructive web the Countess Bathory has designed for them.
There are not a lot of blood or gore in this film but instead it's the more atmospheric and interesting as an Art Horror by Harry Kuemel,
the director of likewise intellectual art horror 1972 "Malpertuis" with i.a. Orson Welles acting in it.

The film are presented in an anamorphic widescreen ratio of 1.66:1 english audio mono and with 2 separate audio commentaries as extra
1. commentary with director Harry Kuemel 2. commentary with american actor John Karlen, interviews with German actress Andrea Rau,
Danielle Ouimet and with Harry Kuemel, a trailer, radio spots and a picture gallery.

Disc 2 - The Blood Spattered Bride
(La Novia ensangretada / Til' Death Us Do Part, 1972)

Sensual, atmospherical and one of the best of the Spanish Vampire movies, a minor iberian horror classic after Sheridan La Fanu's"Carmilla".
A newly wed couple (here again) arrives to her husband's castle, with lots of secrets hidden. Young Susan, the beautiful Maribel Martin
seen in i.a. the 1973 minor masterpiece La Campana del infierno (A Bell from Hell) fells like she's being watched by a mystical women.
In the cellar of the castle there's a 18th century painting of a woman who murdered her husband, and when poor Susan is sleeping she's
harassed by a woman dressed as a bride (Alexandra Bastedo) and who bites Susan in her neck and encourages her to knife her husband
(played by genre regular Simon Andreau) to death and then to castrate him. Why? Because all men are pigs who use women as meat.

On the beach the man finds the woman Carmila (Bastedo again) buried in the sand and with only her head above ground. He digs her
out and takes her home to the castle where she during night-time orgies seduces Susan.

Yes, admittedly, when writing this in december 2020 and many years since i actually saw this film on the Blue Underground DVD, it
sounds quite crappy, when i decribe it, but as i remember the film was a Great Lesbian Vampire movie and even rivalling José Larraz
immortal 1974 "Vampyres" and i guess i have to see "The Blood Spattered Bride" again for a new assessment.
Presented in anamorphic widescreen and with english mono audio

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