Daughter of the Wolf (2018)

UK Dazzler Media 2018 DVD edition


Entertaining B Action with lovely Gina on the hunt for her son's kidnappers in the Canadian northern woods in winter. Yes, there
are bad acting from some, especially Richard Dreyfuss sucks, and his underlings in the film sucks too, with the exception of
Brendan Fehr that was surprisingly fine. Gina is Gina, she's always good and i will love her whatever she does.
So, what was good besides Fehr and Gina ? The wolves and the wintry cinematography of snowy endless woods was beautiful
to see, but the story and the acting could've been better admittedly. Due to Gina being in it the film was perfectly OK, and better
than her last film, "Scorched Earth". The car chase was a pretty good action scene too, without an overabundance of CGI.

Gina Carano plays Clair Hamilton, an ex-soldier, and dragged into an old conflict about an alleged debt regarding her father's
handling of a sawmill, she gets her young son kidnapped. She pays the ransom the kidnappers have requested but she will
not get her son Charlie back and they plan to kill both her and her son.
But they are fucking with the wrong girl and as Claire really is Gina Carano, she kill two of them and starts hunting the third
one, Larsen (Brendan Fehr) who escaped her revenge. Then follows a long hunt through the thick woods, a furious mother
Bear looking for her Cub and the kidnapper gang, led by the quirky "Father" played by Richard Dreyfuss.

During the hunt the badly mangled henchman to "Father", Larsen, repeatedly does Not kill Clair when he gets the chance, as
he wasn't In on the killing of the kid, just a kidnapping and not a murder, and he helps Claire finding her son.
I liked this B action movie, Fehr was good as Larsen, and Gina Carano is a force of nature, very charismatic. Unfortunately
she have had a fall-out with the Hollywood crowd due to US Politics and she is banned from moviemaking there. The great
James Woods also is banned due to US Politics. The world for sure has gone crazy. The end of days ....

In 2022 Gina Carano played the lead in the independently produced Western "Terror on the Prairie". But haven't seen it yet.
The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with english audio DD 5.1 or 2.0 with english subs, region 2. No extras