Dasepo Naughty Girls (2006)

Korean 2 disc DVD

The crazily sexy korean DVD cover with 2 plates of orange plexiglass fastened
with a screw. A Highly original film and ditto dvd sleeve this is for sure

I really, REALLY liked this very offbeat, eccentric, strange, whimsical, odd ..... whatever movie. In fact i liked so much
that i rated it No. 17 on my all time korean favourites list (see link on top of my korean film page).
This is a colorful and unwanted kitten doomed to be drowned in the sea of obscurity i'm sure. It's a Teenage Movie that
really is an experimental art movie and maybe it's too strange for teenagers and too teeny bop for artmovie cineasts ?
A funny, highly original and freakily odd High School Sex Comedy Satire with some musical numbers too and in an
explosion of bright colours it's based on a comic by Chae Jung Taek.
Well, well, and apparently this wonderful gem of a film was disastrously misunderstood and even hated among it's planned
audience, i.e. southkorean youngsters, surprise, surprise ..... Not! Huge credits to the hailed by critics director of the fine
costume artmovie drama Untold Scandal, E J Yong who here really let loose and unshackles from all cinematic conventions


The Movie is constructed around the multi-religion No-Use High School were the teachers like to get whipped by the
female students, a red haired alien named Eemuki transforms sexcrazed and lousy students to A-students and virgins,
and a cyclop one-eyed boy feel lonely because of his looks but do have a gorgeous sister 2-eye who really is a boy.
Sounds like a weird japanese anime and how to make a regular film of this?
In fact E J Yong may have been some years ahead of Japan with this style of filmmaking in 2006 and in 2014-2015
Japan made Parasyte and Assassination Classroom where the latter maybe could be compared in weirdness.

In the school we get to meet the Poor Girl, the LOVELY Kim Ok-bin who steals the film, you just love her in her
every scene, and she later got one of the main parts in Park Chan Wook's vampire flick Thirst against Song Kang-ho.
She lives in a dirty shed in the Seoul slum, sells her body in the evenings and becames friend with sympathetic
gangster Big Razor Sis who likes to dress as a high school girl. Poor Girl also has to wear the Stigma, a grey creature
rucksack something called Poverty all the time and she also falls in love with the rich student Anthony (Park Jin-woo).
anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 DTS or 5.1. Disc 2 with extras and no english subs appr. 87 minutes in all,
interviews, Making of, trailer, music video "Love it when you call".
Yeah, i think you got it - I Loved This Film - BUT Warning as many will hate it. It's a strange one alright

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