Cutting Class (1988)

German Digi Dreams Studios Classic Collection 2020 Spanish Blu-ray edition - region


Yet another a bit derivative B grade slasher about murders at the High School, and a late entry to the genre and combined with
comedy this time. But, the film was trashy fun and Brad Pitt (who debuted here?) shouldn't be too ashamed of this entry to his
Filmography. The cool music was made by indie post-punk group "Wall of Voodoo" but without their earlier charismatic singer
Stan Ridgway (i think). I remember seeing Wall of Voodoo for the first time in the film "Urgh a Music War" and became a fan.

Paula (Jill Schoelen) is the daughter of the District Attourney, and he's on a hunting trip where he's shot with an arrow from
someone hidden. Paula's boyfriend is the basket jock Dwight (Brad Pitt), and they hang around with Gary and busty Colleen.
Brian (Donovan Leitch) lurks around and he's an ex-mental patient and he's secretely in love with Paula.

Murders are happening at highschool though, the art teacher is burnt in his clay oven and the vice-principal Mrs. Knocht
(Nancy Pish) is killed in or with a Zerox machine. Who dun it ? Is it the weird janitor Schultz, is it Mr. Dante (Roddy McDowall)
the principal doing the killings, is it Brian or is it Dwight ?

The film is presented in widescreen 1.85:1 and with english audio DD 5.1 or 2.0. Region all probably (or B)
Extras: an original trailer, a german trailer, pictures and artwork gallery and Death Scenes in R-rated or X-rated versions


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