Crystal Hunt (Nu huo wei long / China Heat, 1991)

German Imperial Pictures 2020 DVD edition

An early Donnie Yen and lots of great martial arts action, it's hyperkinetic, trashy, stupid and great. Just about everybody's doing Kung Fu and
take part in shoot-outs and the western guys (John Salvitti and Michael Woods) as the baddies looks fine with their martial arts.
The story is all over the place and has something to do with an ancient relic "The Gold Crystal God" that can cure sickness and the people
that are going after it, buried somewhere on the Sacred Mountain. Yeah, this sounds really crappy i know, like a 7 year old wrote the script.
But, luckily all people in the film seem to forget about the stupid relic and instead start beating the crap out of each other.


Lisa's (Carrie Ng) father is dying from poison and professor Lau/Wong (director Hsia Hsu) tells Lisa that her father suffers from a Black Magic
spell and that only The Gold Crystal God can cure him. Lisa's rich and she and her bodyguard boyfriend Chin Kwong (Ken Lo) wants to find
the ancient relic and she finances an expedition to the Sacred Mountain where the Gold Crystal God is hidden somewhere.
The professor and his assistant Peter goes on the expedition, but Peter is involved in selling stuff as wases and such from archeological diggings
to a gang of gweilo (western devils) criminals led by Stephen (John Salvitti) and black brother Eddie (Michael Woods).
Stephen wants the Gold Crystal God himself, kills Peter and kidnaps the professor.

Ken Lo and Carrie Ng

Meanwhile, back in the city, the professor's daughter Joyce/Wendy/Winnie (depends on which version you watch) played by the great Fujimi
or Takajo Fujimi, wonders what happened to her father. Fujimi Nadeki was one of the japanese actresses and martial arts performers that
graced the Hong Kong "Girls with Guns" crime-action movies from the Golden Era with their performances. Nadeki can be seen in i.a. 1991 "Angel
Force" too as a killer (and in that film she was the girlfriend of Ken Lo, and not Carrie Ng as in this film).
As Joyce she's the girlfriend or possible ex-girlfriend of ex-policeman Chi Chin Liang (Donnie Yen) and both of them plus Lisa start looking after
the missing professor, and police inspector Wu (Sibelle Hu) is investigating the case.

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 with cantonese audio DD 2.0 and with english subtitles, trailer extra.


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