Coyote (2014)

US Wildeye Releasing DVD


Text below written 2017-01-05

Bill Oberst, Jr. is very intense to put it mildly in this indie horror as the mental case Bill/Mark.
He seems to be a writer and he sits among heaps of tossed away crumpled papers, and then
i couldn't be sure if the following happenings in the film were fidgets of his imagination or some-
ting he has written. He can't sleep because then people turns up and murders him or other weird
stuff is done to him. He hallucinates all through the film, murders his buddy from work, tries to
shoot a dog which he thinks is a coyote, gets a girlfriend, buys a huge knife and goes on a killing
spree, kills his girlfriend and a bunch of other people and finally drowns himself in a puddle in the
woods, a puddle filled with talking slime .... End.

Yuck! Bill Oberst Jr. is "great" or "nasty" or "disturbing" as the mental case. He really makes you
wish these cracked nutcases are very well locked in, but they probably aren't. And that's scary.
Oberst do impress a lot with a disturbing performance that does get under your skin, he's annoying
like a stubborn grating sound. He does impress in the role and this little indie flick has got some buzz
and it would be interesting what Oberst could deliver in a "big" picture (but maybe he already has
as i know nothing about him and he surely have acted in lots and lots of films, too lazy to wiki him).

Extras: Three (3) audio commentaries ... 3 ... !? One with writer/director Trevor Juenger, one with
actor Bill Oberst Jr. and one with cinematographer Nick Brian Walters and Trevor Juenger,
short film Trash Man (Coyote test film) 5 minutes and 8 trailers for other Wildeye Releasing films
Aspect ratio? The sleeve doesn't say but probably widescreen something, DD stereo english audio

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