The Conformist (Il Conformista, 1970)

UK Arrow Academy edition

Text below written 2018-08-27

Great political thriller drama that starts in 1938 Italy and with Jean-Louis Trintignant as the opportunistic Marcello, working
for the fascistic regime. At the end of the film he's an bitter and unhappy man without a soul, empty and miserable due to
the choices he's made, or not made. But it's hard to cry for him as he's an unlikeable man, a coward.
Bertolucci's famous film is shot by the great cinematographer Vittorio Storaro and based on the great novel by Alberto
Moravia (released in Sweden as Anpasslingen, 1952, by Albert Bonniers Förlag), my favourite novel by the author.

Marcello Clerici works for the Italian government as an agent and he's assigned to kill a professor, an anti-fascist, living in
Paris. He takes his wife Giulia (Stefania Sandrelli) with him and disguises his mission as a honeymoon. After meeting the
professor, who already knows he's a regime killer, he starts an erotic affair with the professor's wife, Anna (Dominique Sanda).

reversible sleeve

An interesting seemingly happy relation starts between the 2 couples. Anna knows he's a fascist too and despises him even
though she fucks him, and the hardened regime agent Mangianelli (sent with Marcello on the mission) despises him too,
not because he's a fascist but because he's a weakling, a pussy unwilling to kill, and ... Marcello, probably despises himself
too. He knows he's not much of a man, contemptible, filled with emptiness, a walking void.
An absolutely fascinating character study and with a harrowing scene in the car in the woods and with the ending scene

Blu-ray presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.66:1 with a PCM italian audio with english subtitles
Extras: Audio commentary with David Forgacs, a 51 minutes documentary Bernardo Bertolucci: Reflections of Cinema with
a survey of his films, and according to the sleeve with a Booklet (that was sadly missing from my copy)