Commitment (2013, Alumnis)



This was one of the many full and quite new South Korean films that can be found on Youtube and watched for
free. Also, this one was in nice quality, if not in HD at least in DVD quality. Most films are so blurry you really
can't watch them in fullscreen on a big monitor ... yet, but the quality of the streamed films gets better everyday.
But, how can Youtube allow streaming of new korean films as this one without serious copyright infringements?
When swedish site Swefilmer did it they were looked upon as criminals and had to close down.
Maybe as Youtube is owned by the mighty Google, and Google presumably has got ties with the even more
mighty CIA, an organization in the quest for total USA world monitoring control ... it's OK?
Well, maybe Youtube is so huge it takes time to remove the films, maybe the copyright owners has to file a
complaint? I don't know and i'm not complaining as a free film once in a while saves the trouble of finding and
ordering it on a disc from somewhere in the world. But, is it legal for me to watch this film on Youtube?

The proof that Good things can come from something as ridiculous and commercially constructed as a boy band, teeny
bop fodder, must be this actor called T.O.P. or Choi Seung-hyun from K-Pop band Big Bang.
The only K-Pop i've ever heard was from BoA over a decade ago and i had no idea this young talented actor was a
pop star also. All my grumpy pre- and possibly also mis-conceptions about youth culture fell flat as there's talent there.
This TOP was great in the role and single-handedly raised this film from a so-so to Good. Choi Seung-hyun obviously
has got a long and prospering acting career in front of him

The film Commitment:

In the films intro the north korean spy Li Young-ho get killed by south korean police. 2 years later his son Li Myung-
hoon (TOP) and his younger sister Li Hye-in (Kim You-jung) can be found in a labour camp up in the north, punished
for his fathers short-comings as an agent. The year is 2011 and the glorious leader Kim Jung-il is dying and in Seoul
a killer is murdering sleeper cell agents from the north. South thinks the explanation to this is a power struggle between
north korean domestic security units 8 and 35 in the wake of Kim's illness (and death in december 2011).
Li Myung-hoon or his new name, Kang Dae-ho is trained in Unit 8 and then sent to the South as a boat-refugee. He
gets foster-parents there, also spies from the north, and his mission is to execute rivalling Unit 35 sleeper cell agents and
the units dangerous hitman Buk Doo-sung. Kang/Li is indeed young, only 19, but well trained and deadly effective.

TOP as Kang Dae-ho or Li Myung-hoon

To blend in, Kang attends High School as any normal young south korean would and there he meets female classmate
Li Hye-in (Han Ye-ri), with the same name as his sister in the North. They become friends and they are both bothered
by bullying students. The pressure filled and competitive school system seems to result in much unhappiness for the youth
in South Korea and Japan and ending in nasty bullying problems, if these countries youth dramas are to be believed.
Will Kang/Li survive the battle between the units and will the south korean police find him ?
A nice mainstream action-thriller with some cool action scenes, and i especially liked the fight between Kang/Li and Buk
as it was filmed in a rather small room and grittily nasty. Well done. I also liked, besides TOP, Han Ye-ri playing the
school girl and also the older actress playing "Granny", the fast food soju restaurant/joint owner (but i don't know her
name), but the one that makes this film great viewing that's TOP. Recommended viewing


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