Colossus: The Forbin Project (1969-1970)

UK Universal Blu-ray edition

For me, this must be a very obscure unruly computer sci-fi thriller as i've never heard of it and it certainly earned the praise
from the text on the blu-ray sleeve, as a Sci-Fi Cult Classic it surely is. Lowbudget and with almost unknown actors it's
surprisingly intelligent and with a subject before it's time (even though probably inspired by the Kubrick movies 2001 A Space
Odyssey with it's computer Hal and Dr. Strangelove) and some 15 years before the better known 1983 WarGames.

A Masterpiece of a Sci-Fi Thriller

Colossus: The Forbin Project isn't just one of the entries in this Troublesome Computer genre but the BEST one, and a
masterpiece of Sci-Fi thriller. Great acting, great script and great direction from the very able Joseph Sargent, best known for
the crime thriller classic, the 1974 The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 (and, i'm a fan of his ultra-obscure sci-fi sports movie the 1979
Golden Girl with model-singer Susan Anton and ... with our athlete high-jumper and heptathlonist Annette Tånnander, more
about this obscurity on my athletics page). Joseph Sargent can be heard on the audio commentary to this film.

The film starts with Dr. Charles Forbin entering a huge data hall, and like a scene from the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet, and
then closing and leaving the enormous complex situated in a mountain in Colorado, a self-sufficient giant computer named
Colossus and protected by a lethal radiation belt. The very self-assured and almost cocky doctor (played very nicely by the
obscure German-American actor Eric Braeden) then, together with the President of the USA, appears in front of the world
and proudly declares that they've left the defence of the country in the hands of the super computer system, Colossus.
The atmosphere is festive because this computer system, handled by Dr. Forbin and his crew from their terminal in California,
will not only protect USA by handling the missile defence but also help humanity to solve it's problems.

BUT ... almost immediately after being turned on Colossus sends a warning on the prompter - "There's another system" and the
jolly atmosphere turns into a more nervous one when the answer to this message is that the Soviet Union also has got them a
super electronic brain, The Guardian. Now, Colossus demands to be connected to The Guardian. Surely the intents of Colossus
must be just to know the Russian system better so the POTUS okays the request, and soon a dialogue in 1 and 0's begins ....
a new language only computers understand and neither the Soviets or the US folks have a clue about what they "talk" about.

Soon Dr. Charles Forbin, head of the Colossus programming office and the main constructor of the system, will lose all his
arrogance when the future of humankind is at stakes and a deadly game of chess will be played, Humans vs. Colossus.

anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with an english PCM stereo audio. Extras: audio commentary with director Joseph Sargent,
stills gallery and a info gallery

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