Chuzhaya (Russian Gang Wars/The Alien Girl, 2010)

UK 20th Century Fox 2012 DVD edition


Yes, a dark retro crime movie about gangster wars during the 1990's, the era of gangsters in the former Soviet Union
countries as Russia, Ukraine etc. When oligarchs plundered, Russia was weak and there was a new Wild West capitalism.
This film plays out a bit like Aleksei Balabanov's Brat and Zhmurki, if not as masterful as Brat or as satirical as Zhmurki in
depicting the chaotic 1990's and the hunt for money in the new exciting wonderland of capitalism.
But, Russian Gang Wars is still GREAT and slightly comic as everyone in the movie are delightfully unpleasant gangsters.
Yes, Natalya Romanycheva as Angela may be good looking but she's still bestial and rotten to the core and unlikeable.

The film starts in Ukraine 1993 where a gangster goes to jail after a shootout. His unlikeable boss Rasp (Evgeniy Mundum) wants
to keep him silent to the police and to put some pressure Rasp wants to get hold of his only relative, his sister Angela.
Angela (Natalya Romanycheva) is somewhere in Prague, working as a prostitute, sold to Czechian gangsters, and Rasp sends out
a gang of 4 delightfully unlikeable gangsters to bring her back to Kiev. Say hello to:

Kid (Kirill Polukhin, at front left), Beef (Anatoliy Otradnov), Booger (Aleksandr Golubkov) and Whiz/Eugene (Evgeniy Tkachuk, in
the backseat at right). After a fun journey of harassing innocent people the guys reach Prague where a contact tells them of where
to find Angela, now a prostitute junkie. After a lot of bloodshed they get her from a band of criminal gypsies

With Booger shot and abandoned and with the Czechian police on the hunt for them the question is: How will they transport her
out of Czechia and to Kiev ? But it won't be that easy, not after Angela showing that she has a will of her own and it turns out that
the now Gang of Three carries a deadly cargo. Angela is even more violent and rotten than the boys and has big plans of her own.

Ha, ha, an anti-hero gangster movie we will never see on Swedish TV. I love Russian movies and it's a great pity they won't be shown
here, either in the cinemas or on TV. Aaah yes, with the exception of some artmovies by directors critizising the government then
naturally, the bankers and the Deep State pays huge sums to keep the Russophobia going. Or am I paranoical now ?
Some WW2 movies and films like this one has been released in UK and the US and a decade ago you could buy them on DVD from
Thailand. But it's very unfortunate that the people of Sweden can't enjoy the very entertaining films of the great Russian Film Industry,
from our big neighbour country. Hopefully someone, one day, will start releasing Russian films here

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 and with a 5.1 DD russian audio with english subtitles

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