The Chronicles of Evil (Akui Yeondaegi, 2015)

South Korean CJ Entertainment edition DVD

Son Hyun Joo as desperate chief Choi

Another fine South Korean crime offering and this time a Thriller where a police chief on his way to a glorious
post in the Police Headquarter is suddenly thrown into chaos and murder. This film has got a very intricate and
somewhat complicated intrigue and with a twist too, but you are really drawn into it as the tension is growing.

Inspector Choi Chang-sik (Son Hyun-joo) he's the chief of a Seoul police crime unit. In the films intro he
receives a honorary award from the President and he's on his way to a promotion. His ex-crime unit buddy, and
now his boss (Jung Won-joong) has sweet-talked the Top Brass into lifting Choi to a heavy powerful position.
Choi is beloved among his men and they all gather for a nice evening of celebration (and Soju drinking?).
Later, in the wee hours he's happily entering a taxi cab to go home and everythings copacetic ....

But NO, the taxi driver takes him to a desolate part of Seoul and attacks him with a huge knife.Why?
Choi defends himself and in the following ruckus the assaulter, named Jung Ji, ends Dead with the knife firmly
planted in his breast. An accident and surely justifiable self-defence, and Choi lifts his phone to call the police.
But - starts to think about his career and promotion. Wouldn't look to good getting involved in such stuff.
So, Choi carefully wipes the car of his fingerprints and leaves the place with Jung Ji lying dead on the ground.

Cha, Choi and Oh

A card enclosed with the DVD depicting the three colleagues detective Cha Dong-jae, chief Choi Chang-sik and detective Oh

But the next day, to Choi's consternation, the corpse of Jung Ji is Headline news in the media. He has been
found in the city center of Seoul hanging in a long rope from a construction crane at a building site and with that
gigantic knife protruding from his chest. The Public is scared and annoyed and the Seoul Police quickly has to
organize a special Task force solving the crime. And the boss of that task force couldn't be anyone else than
the most respected crime inspector of them all - Choi.

A wild hunt for the killer starts and the police seeks the answer to the question who the taxi passenger may have
been using the many Seoul video surveillance cameras (CCTV) as seen in i.a. the great thriller Cold Eyes from
2013 (the superior korean reworking of the HK pic Eye in the Sky).
Choi has to be one step ahead of the investigation and hinder all breakthroughs in finding the perpetrator.
As the psychological pressure on Choi is taking it's toll he starts to look more desperate each hour and his men
start to wonder why their boss acts so strangely. Choi also wonders why someone wants to kill him (Jung Ji
told him he was hired help) and why, also why the body of Jung Ji was suspended like that.

The story gets more and more complicated and Choi's situation worsen. He's on a slippery slope and glides
faster against his doom all the time. His faithful men, young Cha Dong-jae (Park Seo-joon) and Ho (Ma Dong-
seok) stands behind him .... at the moment, but when the clues start pointing at Choi?
Who's the drug addict B-actor Kim Jin-kyu (Daniel Choi)?
This film really is Neo-Noir with a desperate "hero" who may not be a very pleasant guy, but a murderer.
There's so many twists and turns in the plot that maybe the flow, the atmosphere of the film is disturbed a bit,
but this film is still a very enjoyable and a great crime film.

anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1, korean 5.1 sound with english subtitles. Extras without english subs:
a commentary track, making of (22 min), CG before and after (3 min), trailers.

Yes, the CG were expertly used and i really had no idea that car driving scenes with the driver photographed
from the front were faked. I naively thought that there was a camera mounted in front or something.
It's all CGI nowadays and no big difference from old black & white movies were a backscreen was used for
the car driving scenes, only that computer generated backgrounds are used today instead of a film screen
The actors are all good in their parts except maybe young Park Seo-joon who's to stiff and lifeless in his
role, he's some television actor, celebrity and musician. But Son Hyun Jo, Ma Dong Seok and Daniel Cho
were all great in their roles

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