Chop (2010)

Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition

Text below written 2018-03-09

This, Chop, is the first directorial effort by indie frontman Trent Haaga and i wrote the following about
his second directed film 68 Kill : "Yes, ha, ha, loved this one. US indie films rule and US Hollywood sucks.
Indie maestro Trent Haaga directed and scripted this funny crime horror comedy, and he wrote the very
interesting Deadgirl and also Cheap Thrills, directed Chop and acted in many, many trash indies.
A simple but effective story and a very enjoyable fun ride all way to the end"

OK, Chop isn't as great as 68 Kill maybe but it's a twisted and fun horror-comedy about poor Lance (played
by Billy Bakshi) who falls into the hands of a revenging maniac.
The Sicko (Timothy Muskatell) forces Lance to kill his brother (director Chad Ferrin in a very small part) and
then murders Lance's wife. After that Lance start to lose body parts chopped off by the perp.
Why is Mr. X taking out this hideous revenge on poor Lance ? The answer may be the sickest of it all.

Presented in anamorphic widescreen and a 5.1 english audio with swedish subs.
Camille Keaton, the 1970's cult actress, is supposedly playing the role of Mrs. Reed in this film, but i must've
missed that short cameo