Chernaya Molniya (Black Lightning, 2009)

UK Universal Blu-ray edition

Like a Russian Marvel movie and a mix of Spiderman and something else we've seen many times in Hollywood blockbusters,
but this is Russian and therefore interesting because of the new exciting surroundings, Moscow skyline, and the local
colors, with an old Volga car being superpowered. The effects are OK if not great and works out fine in this action fantasy
for the whole family suitable for ages 5-95 or something like that.

In Moscow 2004 evil oligarch Viktor Kuptsov (Viktor Verzhbitskiy) drills below the foundations of Moscow in search for
diamonds and looking for a hidden laboratory containing the powerful nano catalyst. Something he needs to reach the level
with the diamonds but a drilling that may cause a catastrophe for the 20 million people something Mega City of Moscow.

Present day: Two university students, the poor Dima (Grigoriy Dobrygin) - or Peter Parker - and the rich Maxim (Ivan Zhidkov)
- or Harry Osborn - are both in love with their fellow student Nastya (Ekaterina Vilkova) - or Mary Jane - and it's unclear
which of the guys she may prefer. Max does his best trying to impress her with his fancy Mercedes and Dima also wants a
car, something he gets when his nice parents gives him a car on his birthday. But, it's an old Volga from the Soviet Union times
and won't surely not impress Nastya much. So, to be able to take her out for a dinner Dima starts working extra as a flower
delivery guy, and using his car he soon finds out his Volga has Super Powers. Why? Because it's fitted with the nano catalyst.

A flying car ... and Dima soon becomes Moscow's fastest delivery man and takes up fighting crime when his father, played
by ... Cliff Robertson ... no, by veteran actor Sergey Leonidovich Garmash, dies after being attacked by a thug.
Will there be a final showdown between Dima and evil Viktor at the Red Square on New Years Eve? Who knows?
the special effect were pretty good if not amazing, and done by a special effects director who worked in Hollywood for 5 years
Presented in a widescreen 2.35:1 format and with a DTS-HD MA 5.1 russian audio with english subs.
Extras: Making Of Black Lightning (25 minutes, russian with subs) and Deleted scenes 9 minutes


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