The Cheerleaders (1972)

US Code Red DVD

Brandy Woods, Jovita Bush, Stephanie Fondue, Kimberly Hyde and Claire Dia

"A 10 on the Sleazometer"
i wrote, but that's not true maybe as this film is a very Light-hearted sex comedy filled
with fluffy mindless fun. Great nonsense with some scenes looking as they 've fled from a Russ Meyer film, with the
light crisp colorful photo and the bizarre ways of having sex. So, maybe not sleazy as the copious amounts of sex are
joyful and friendly and not taken too seriously. Aaah, the happy old 1970's.

This film was released here in Sweden on a VHS in the 1980's and by Anchor Bay on DVD in a 3 disc collection of
the Cheerleader movies, read a review of this on my Cult & Classics page 1; just scroll down a bit (in swedish though).
Needless to say this Softcore Cult Classic is the best of the three. Originally rated X and a huge drive-in success.

From left to right; Jovita Bush, Brandy Woods, the lesbo gym teacher, and Denise Dillaway

The absolutely lovely Canadian Stephanie Fondue/Enid Finnbogason only made this one film and then disappeared,
and also the other girls in the cheerleading squad had no more or very few film credits to their CV. How could that be
and fodder for a cult movie that is. For once there's a motivated and big debate thread on the IMDB about the where-abouts
of Ms. Fondue, and that's a proof of this films popularity and cult status. She's living in Canada and she's of Icelandian
descent and she was 21 years old when making this film playing the role of 16 year old Jeannie Davis.

The beautiful Jovita Bush from the decade of the free and happy Bush, those were the days

The nonsense story goes something like this:

16 year old highschool girl Jeannie Davis (Fondue) desperately wants to be 1. a member of the Cheerleader team
lead by the captain, Claudia (Dillaway), and 2. to get rid of her virginity, as everyone are having sex except her.
The Cheerleaders also works hard for their school's football team, the Amarosa High Bears and there's an im-
portant match coming up, the fight against Central High. How to tire the opponents? By fu - - ing them the whole
night naturally. The 6 girl team are: Claudia, Jeannie, Bonnie (Jovita Bush), Debbie (Brandy Woods), Patty (Kim
Hyde/Kim Stanton) and Suzie (Claire Dia/Sandy Evans).
The aliases used because this film was a non-union made production according to the director in the commentary.

This film is just full of glorious nudity and is actually erotic, and how many softcore sex comedies manages that?
anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1, english audio DD stereo and a commentary track with director Glickler and
co-script writer Ace Baandige


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