The Chaser (Chugyeok-ja, 2008)

Korean Premier Showbox 2 disc Limited Digipak Still Sealed DVD edition - region 3


This is the first 2008 South Korean Limited Digipak 2 disc DVD edition with a Booklet with photos

Disc 2 features about 99 minutes of featurettes, interviews, trailers. Note: without english subtitles
Disc One presents the film in anamorphic widescreen 2.35:1 with korean DTS or 5.1 audio and with
english subtitles - region 3

I wrote this in 2008:

Yes! Finally an ass-kicking South Korean Crime-Thriller again. This brilliant film is really intense and
genuinely suspenseful and with a disturbing Feel Bad atmosphere about it. This film presents a nasty
serial killer and the police work to find his victims.
The somewhat run-down, sleazy and shady ex-cop, kicked out of the force for taking bribes, Jung-ho
(a brilliant Kim Yoon-suk)
runs a small escort service and he has lost two of his prostitutes, they are
missing. When yet another woman goes missing, the single mother Mi-jin, the police finally gets the
psychopatic perp Ji Young-min (Ha Jung-woo) and he starts confessing to a lot of crimes he has
committed. Then Jung-ho starts the chase to find the murderers lair when the Seoul police finds
itself in a state of chaos due to a political incident.

Very recommended and not many korean crime-thrillers have been better the last 15 years (2008 -
2023). Na Hong-jin's next film were the action-thriller "The Yellow Sea" released on a DVD in
South Korea the summer 2011. A film that was released here in the West (and i can't remember
if the international version was shortened or not)


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