Cellar Dweller (1987) Catacombs (1988)

US Scream Factory region A Blu-ray edition

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Cellar Dweller

Late 1980's trash horror that unfortunately takes the then so popular comedy-horror way seen in the hideously awful and too many
sequels to Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, and then culminating in the Nadir of Horror Cinema in the 1990's
with the abomination Scream. Yes, Cellar Dweller is a film from the wrong part of the 1980's, the second part.
OK, it's a bit funny when we get to see the ridiculous monster, really, really bad puppetry, and then we have Jeffrey Combs in the intro
of the movie. Ha, ha, forget about the lurid poster on the sleeve promising gore and sleaze, nothing like that in this childrens film.

A famous cartoonist (Combs) dies in his cellar when he's creating his comic "Curses of the Ancient Dead" and the monster turns alive.
30 years later a female cartoonist (Debrah Mullowney .... who?) arrives to the old house of the famous cartoonist Colin Childress, now
a Cartoon Academy managed by a Mrs. Briggs (played by old Hollywood star Yvonne De Carlo).
Will the cartoonist try to recreate the old comic by Childress and will the monster yet again turn alive ? Nooo, could never happen ...

Widescreen 1.78:1, audio DTS HD-MA with english subs


A slow horror-drama about demonry in an Italian monastery and a Charles Band production so it must be really trashy, or ? No, it may
be a bit boring but actually very well played. Especially good acting from the old guys playing the monks, as Ian Abercrombie in the
role of Orsini, Jeremy west as Marinus and from the legendary Feodor Chaliapin, Jr. as the dying monk, what a charisma he had.

The film starts in the San Pietro en Valle in the year 1506, when a demon is chained to a wall in the catacombs of a monastery.
In modern times an american woman (Laura Schaeffer) arrives to the Abbey of Saint Peter to do what? Well, something or other, but
the timing is bad as the demon is about to get loose again. Bad story, bad effects but .... surprisingly well acted by the old guys.
The soundtrack is provided by Pino Donaggio.
Widescreen 1.78:1, audio DTS HD-MA with english subs with an Audio Commentary from director David Schmoeller


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