Castle of the Creeping Flesh (Im schloss der bluten begierde / Castle of Lust / Castle of Bloody Lust / The Castle of Unholy Desires /
In the Castle of Bloody Lust / Appointment with Lust, 1968)

US Severin 2020 Blu-ray edition

Great Fun !
Obscure, trashy and sleazy German gothic horror directed under alias of Percy G. Parker by Adrian Hoven, mostly
known for the witchhunt nasties 1969 "Mark of the Devil" and the 1972 "Mark of the Devil 2".
This film though is not nasty but trashy fun that doesn't take itself too seriously and with the very charismatic Janine Reynaud
(known from her Jesús Franco movies) being luscious. Reynaud, the french actress who made a couple of Jess Franco movies,
the best one being the 1968 "Necronomicon" and she acted in the great giallo "The Case of the Scorpion's tail" in 1971.
Jess Franco wrote the story to this film .... and Psychotronic Trash would be the best word to describe it.

The film starts in a nightclub with swinging 60's vibes but turns into a gothic castle horror with a crazy surgeon doctor (yes, with
Howard Vernon, the eternal Dr. Orloff) operating on some unlucky woman. The operation scenes ripped from some open heart
surgery goes on forever and it should've been the opposite, with the topless scenes going on for a long time and the operation
only for a brief moment. This film had surprisingly many topless scenes for being made as early as 1968.

Baron Brack (Michael Lemoine, and real life husband of Janine Reynaud) invites some friends to his newly bought Hunting Lodge
and before they arrive, he rapes Elena Lagrange (Elvira Berndorff) the girlfriend of his friend Roger. He has bought the house from
the Earl of Saxon (Howard Vernon) who lives in a castle nearby. The Earl crazed by grief after his daughter being raped and killed
in the forest. Elena suddenly rides away and, faints, and is carried into the Castle.
Vera Lagrange (Reynaud) is the sister of Elena and they search for her to finally turn up at the castle where they are invited by the
Graf Saxon to eat dinner and to stay for the night. He tells them a strange story about his ancestor whose daughter was raped and
killed during the 30 year war in the 17th century. Now he's intent to re-animate his dead daughter Katherina (Claudia Butenuth in
a double role as Stephan Brack's girlfriend and the Graf's daughter).

The film is presented in a not stated widescreen ratio and with english or german audio DTS-HD MA mono with english subtitles,
region all. Extras: Archival interview with Joyce Hoven and Percy Hoven- Ein gespräch mit familie Hoven (20 minutes in german
with english subs), Mark of the Devil: Q&A with the Hoven Family (31 minutes in german with english subs), Location featurette
(13 minutes), Trailer to "Castle of the Creeping Flesh", Trailer to "Im schloss der blutigen begierde", Trailer to "Appointment with
Lust", Credits to "Appointment with Lust", Credits to etc etc, alternate VHS end sequence


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