Castle Freak ( 2020)

Swedish Njuta Films DVD edition , region 2


A bit trashy and badly acted but entertaining and nicely influenced by H. P. Lovecraft
plus a great ending where you actually are shown a glimpse of the Old One's. Daring
but it works as every Lovecraft fan have had to create an image of an Old One in his
head when reading the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Lavinia was a nun who lived in an Albanian castle and who fed and punished her Castle
Freak and the whipped herself to death. Her daughter Rebecca inherits the castle from
her recluse mother. Rebecca and her boyfriend John goes there and invites some of their
friends to come there and help out with moving stuff.

Rebecca wonders who her father was and knows Lavinia adopted her. She thinks she
hears someone moving around and that is correct, the castle freak is still there and
it/he/she peeps at them. The gang arrives, the freak starts killing people and they found
The Book of Necromonicon with Lovecraft stuff about the Old One's.

The film was trashy but entertaining and with some genuine appreciation of Lovecraft
and there are pretty well made gore special effects and nudity. Also, there's a homage
to Re-Animator at the end and the film was co-produced by Barbara Crampton.
The film was a re-make of Stuart Gordon's 1990's film (which i haven't seen).

The film is presented in widescreen 1.78:1 with english audio DD 5:1 or 2.0 with swedish
subtitles. Extras a slideshow and a trailer


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