Cani - Polizia Selvaggia (Gizli Kuvvet/faccia da ladro/To be a thief, 1977)

US DVD edition

Text below written 2019-01-28

Aaaah, YES!
A Turkish 1970's genre film co-produced with Italy and shot in Istanbul with a mix of international actors. I just love such stuff.

But, NOOO!
Forget about a decent release on DVD or Blu-ray of a gem like this. There's only a scratchy and blurry alternative market VHS rip
available. This alt. market edition seems to be a composite version spliced together of approx. 76 minutes of a turkish audio version and 10
minutes of an italian version. The turkish audio version is very scratched, blurry and with washy colors and has english subtitles. The italian
inserts are of better quality. So this is what we have, a maybe 2nd generation VHS rip of this forgotten and very obscure gem.

Directed by Guido Zurli under alias Frank Sanders and with Piero Fabiani under his alias Peter Fabian, and the latter gives a very, VERY intense
role portrayal of a psychopatic desperado on the loose. When you see him you think of David Hess in Ruggero Deodato's 1980 La casa sperduta
nel parco, and maybe Deodato watched this 1977 obscurity before directing his House. A criminal harassing rich people in a big house.
Turkish film hero Tarik Akan plays the tough cop, Giorgio Ardisson his cop boss, Karin Well (or Wilma Truccoli) and Colette Descombes plays
the 2 harassed women, turkish actress Yonca Yücel is a nightclub dancer and Nevzat Okcugil can be seen as a comic relief neighbour.

Wilma Truccoli alias Karin Well as Asuman (or Barbara in the italian dubb). Karin Well from i.a. Andrea Bianchi's Burial Ground

Colette Descombes as Neval

But, first a little digression ....

Spanish and Turkish 1970's movies .... WOW! The Iberian atmosphere and the swinging turkish still secular 1970's. I would love to see them
all, the genre films. Horror, Giallo, Eurocrime and Fantasy action. Many spanish gems have been released on discs in fine quality, DVD and
on Blu-ray, as most of the Paul Naschy ones but the turkish ones .... not so. I only know of one, the Amazing fantasy action Tarkan vs. the
Vikings released on DVD by US Mondo Macabro some 10-15 years ago, one of the most hilariously entertaining films i've ever seen.

Tarkan Viking Kani, 1971 - with Kartal Tibet and Eva Bender

Kartal Tibet, the turkish hero of fantastic film and Eva Bender - the, in Sweden, as yet unknown Swedish heroine of turkish 1960's - 70's films.
In Athens, Greece, the great Bill Barounis (R.I.P. 2011) behind Onar Films once tried to make turkish cult films known to the rest of the world.
The big problem though, that proper film sources, elements 35 mm, were missing and probably lost forever, and i guess that old scratchy VHS
copies are the only sources to be found today ? I'm not sure though, maybe there are decent releases on DVD in Turkey of these beloved old
cult classics. I hope so (see more about some of these films on my Turkish Film Page; Follow the link on my Start page)

So, back to the film Cani - Polizia Selvaggia

The film starts with a failed jeweller robbery and the Istanbul police chases the thieves on the roofs of the Grand Bazaar just below the Haga
Sophia, predating similar chase scenes in James Bond and other action films.

In the beginning of this film we get to see a typical work day for the crime division cops Ekrem and Murat (Tarik Akan) and soon the hunt is on
for one of the robbers, Ahmet Tarapiya (Piero Fabiani). Ahmet, a psychotic desperado that wants to be feared and become a famous gangster.
He robs and kills a man to get his briefcase (full of money) and then kills Murat's friend Ekrem. A dragnet is set up for Istanbul to get the maniac
and a desperate Ahmet home invades a big house in the richer parts of Istanbul and takes the residents of the mansion as hostages, the blind
house-owner Osman, his daughter Asuman and her aunt Neval. Then terror enfolds as Ahmet submits them to degradation and death

Also, there's a nice atmospherical chase scene in the almost dilapidated looking parts of the Istanbul docks. Very recommended watching.

As i mentioned above, this film seems to be some sort of composite with appr. 76 minutes of the turkish audio version with english subs, and
this main part looks like a poor VHS transfer with lots and lots of scratches and with washed out colors, and with appr. 10 minutes of italian audio
scenes looking like taken from a DVD maybe or from a good VHS copy. This is an alternative market release of the Turkish version.
It's co-produced with Italy as can be seen when people drink J&B whisky, and probably a different italian version exists.


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